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Newsletter Fall/Winter -2017

Hello Everyone

It was heartening to learn that a few hardy souls played pickleball at the Deer Lodge courts on November 15, 2016 (check it out at http://www.prairiepickleball.ca/blogs/news/76980481-pickleball-in-winnipeg-november-15-2015). This may be a first. Who would have predicted outdoor play in November; a time of year when we are thinking of snow shoveling and Christmas lights.

 Welcome To New Directors

 At the October 2016 AGM Al Archibald and Terry Gabrielle were elected as Directors to the PMI Board. Welcome to both Al and Terry. Thanks for volunteering to contribute your time and expertise to our association. With the election of Al and Terry, and the re-election of Tannis Calhoun and Doug Cable, all Director positions are filled.

 Thanks Brenda, Kim, Dom and Ken

 Thanks to Kim Michalski, Brenda Vincent, Domenic (Dom) Grestoni and Ken Krueger.

 Kim has volunteered her expertise to help Alphonse with the operations of the indoor and outdoor leagues. By spring, 2017, Alphonse will have made modifications to his “secret ranking program”, and at that time, you will probably be receiving schedule information from Kim.

 Brenda, has taken on the role of Volunteer Coordinator.  Brenda will be coordinating volunteer contributions to PMI tournaments and other events.

 Dom has agreed to act in the role of PMI Auditor. In this role he will review our vast financial holdings and report to the membership, at the 2017 AGM, on the state of their health. 

 Appointment of an Auditor is a requirement of our By-laws and was a priority objective in our 2017 work plan.

 Dom brings a wealth of experience to the Auditor role: professional accounting designation, experience with Investors Group and his Board of Directors experience with Manitoba Public Insurance and St. Boniface Research Foundation.

Ken has taken the initiative and organized singles pickleball play at Greendell Community Center. If you want information on time, cost and other details contact Ken at kenkruger@mymts.net

 Again, thanks to you all. You are welcome additions to team PMI.

  PMI Turns 2

 On December 23, 2016 PMI achieves its second birthday. This is a big milestone for us. Turning two means that the PMI application to Sport Manitoba for Recognition as a Provincial Sport Association (PSO), meets one of the key acceptance criteria. We still have several other criteria that need our attention (athlete, coach and official development and drafting and implementing operational policies), but it sure feels good to tick one more item off our work list. I am hopeful that our revised Application for Recognition as a PSO can be submitted by this time in 2017, and that we a decision on its acceptance early in 2018.

 2017 Competitive Calendar

 Alphonse has drafted the competitive Calendar for 2017. Full details on the calendar will be posted to the PMI website following its review at our December Directors meeting. In its draft form the 2017 Competitive Calendar looks like this: Indoor League play is scheduled to occur from January to mid April. An Indoor Championship Tournament will follow this in May. In June, Outdoor League play will begin and conclude with an Outdoor Championship Tournament in late August or early September. Indoor League play will resume in September and run at least to the end of October. 

 One adjustment we plan on making in 2017 is to divide the Indoor and Outdoor seasons in to two equal time segments. One segment would see play scheduled as it is now  - random pairings based on ranking from previous play. In the other segment, teams would be formed, and those teams would be scheduled to play, based on their achieved rankings. This is an attempt to promote playing time for teams prior to scheduled tournaments and, in general, introduce team play time.

 Your thoughts and feedback on this initiative are welcomed. Go to the website

 2017 Skills Clinics

Under the leadership of Brian Kan and Jim Nein, a series of skills clinics are being drafted and should be ready for launch in the spring of 2017. (No pressure boys, but….). These skill clinics will be similar in content and duration to our well received Drop Short Clinic, which we have now run on two occasions. If all goes as planned, we will begin offering the skill clinics in the spring and have them run (indoors and outdoors) during the spring, summer and fall of 2017. Full details will be made available through emails to members and the website, www.pickleballmanitoba.ca.

ONIX Pure 2 Pickleball

 Over 2017 PMI will be purchasing a number of the new ONIX Pure 2 indoor and outdoor balls for use in our league and tournament play. During 2017 the use of the current Dura Fast balls will be phased out. Those Dura Fast balls that remain in inventory will be used for practice and skill sessions.

 Travel Safe

 This is the time of year that a number of our members have either left, are leaving or are planning to leave, for warmer climates. (I do not understand why…. Winnipeg winters are not that bad!) For those of you travelling south, or to other warm destinations, travel safe – arrive alive.

 Holiday Greetings

 To all members, on behalf of the Directors of Pcklelball Manitoba Inc., I want to say Happy Holiday’s, all the best for you, and your families, in 2017. Enjoy your friends and families this holiday season and throughout 2017.  


 Finally, let us know of your thoughts on any of the activities that PMI has undertaken, or plans to undertake. Feedback, of all forms, is valued and much appreciated.

All the best

 Doug Cable

President, Pickleball Manitoba Inc. 


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